house description and pictures

Dear future guests !

We have decided to build a stylish wellness villa and offer the villa named KARETA to our guests starting 2018.

We met our first guests in this villa in December 2017.

Although this villa is relatively large /220 m2 living place, to it comes 40m2 terrace and 20m2 sheltered rotisserie place/ ,there will be a capacity for only 6 guests to preserve the high-class spirit of this house.

More key details of this villa:

3 bedrooms, 1x bath room with  luminous coloured therapy jacuzzi and with shower, 1x bath room with shower and WC, 2x separate WC, 1 living room 60 m2  with state of the art kitchen, chimney, dining table, etc.

sauna with rest room,  roof terrace, sheltered rotisserie,   garden, etc.

The villa is fenced, 2 parking slots on the ground available... There are no pets allowed in this house. The guests with pets are in the houses JOSKA or BRANZEZ welcome.

If interested , send us an e-mail, please,  we will tell you more...


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