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Important information:

For a lot of outing destinations, ski resorts, pubs, shopping centers, etc. we made for you a special intranet website, where you could find these locations and GPS dates to get there easily... So take your laptop with you, but handy is also good for it...

  Our wellness holiday houses JOSKA and KARETA are situated in the village on the edge of the countryside called the Czech /Bohemian/ paradise,  near the old town of Mlada Boleslav. The house BRANZEZ is situated in the village Branzez direct in this countryside. The house BRANZEZ is about 20 km from the house JOSKA and KARETA away. The distances , time , etc. valid for house BRANZEZ are given in /brackets/



Here in this countryside you will find all my three wellness holiday houses BRANZEZ, JOSKA and KARETA

The Czech Paradise – is the oldest nature reserve in the Czech Republic, it is one of the most popular and visited areas, situated between the towns of Mnichovo Hradiště, Turnov and Jičín, about 80 km north from Prague. In this romantic landscape, which is exceptionally rich, there is variety of  scenic beauties combined with picturesque historical sights, with rock towns,  castles,  chateaux, folk architecture. The Czech Paradise belongs to the UNESCO-Geoparks

More informations and picture gallery to the Czech Paradise see here: The Bohemian Paradise



is  the well known capital of Czech Republic, you will reach in about 25 /35/ minutes highway drive the point where you could safely leave your car /P+R/ and after that travel by tube about 25 minutes directly to the downtown: /from house Joska a following option also possible : walk about 15 minutes to the railway station and in 65 minutes you are in the centre of Prague by train./

More informations and picture gallery to Prague see here: Prague



You can visit the region all year round. Naturally, the main seasons are summer and winter. Your breath will be taken away in winter by the romantic snow-clad valleys and hills studded with log cabins, in summer by the deep forests and numerous waterfalls that have appeared since the spring melt, mountain meadows and peat bogs. Nature in the Jizera Mountains is very varied and is home to many protected species of plants and animals. With a little luck you could come across some of them while wandering through the Jizera countryside on your family holiday.In about 35 minutes drive you visit the big skiing centre Jested, but also others centres nearby. In town Liberec you will find big aquapark, zoo , botanical garden , etc.And a beautiful nature, of course:

More informations and picture gallery to Jizera Mountains see here:  Jizera Mountains


4. The KRKONOSE Mountains

The Krkonose Mountains are the top Czech mountains in many aspects: They are the highest, most visited, have the only alpine range and their flora and fauna are unbelievably diverse. Steep glacial corries and large mountain meadows, rocky ridges and picturesque valleys with timbered houses – all of this can be seen here. The roar of waterfalls and the mysterious silence of the fens and mountain pools will enchant you. And, finally, Snezka, the queen mountain, surveying its domain with dignity. In about 50 minutes drive you visit the skiing-centre Harrachov, with jump chances, glass manufacture and museum, waterfall, ,etc., but not only in winter nice, also in other months you could make your walks there, also in Spindleruv Mlyn or visit the headwaters of Elbe-Labe

More informations and picture gallery to Krkonose Mountains see here: The Krkonose /Giant/ Mountains


But not only these regions are close to our houses and also following destinations are worth for one day trip:

eg. Macha ´s lake in Doksy with a steamer transport and the near castle of Bezdez - 28km /38km/

or   Kokorin valley with the castle of Kokorin - 20km /35km/

or  visit the historical mining town of Kutna Hora listed in UNESCO heritage, etc. etc.

We hope our intranet mentioned above will surely help you to get there easily.....