Terms of renting

Terms of renting:

Important notice: Because of unfortanetely a lot of bad experiences we do not accept any groups of young people until the age of 20 years and also we do not accept any groups which mostly consists from males. The groups of young people over the age of 20 years are accepted as couples.  If an exception should be granted, please ask before booking...


1. Arrival and departure should take place mostly on saturdays, minimal rental durance is mostly one week. Upon agreement a shorter rental time is possible in the lower season, but a day of arrival or departure should be also a saturday. In that case is a minimal stay 3 nights and the payment is 60% of the week price, 4 nights 70%, 5 nights 80% and 6 nights 90%.

Arrival and departure time

House JOSKA :          arrival 4-6pm, departure 9-10am

House KARETA:         arrival 4-6pm, departure 9-10am

House BRANZEZ:       arrival 1-5pm, departure 10-11am

evtl. later arrival must be consulted with us in advance, if you delay on arrival day e.g. because of traffic conditions you need to call us in advance.

2. Price details with all details and conditions we will send you after we receive your enquiry.

3.  Well-behaved dogs and cats /usually maximal 2 for a house JOSKA and BRANZEZ/,  / in house KARETA the animals are not  allowed /,    and if you have more evtl. ask for exception in advance

4. Deposit on arrival: A tenant is obliged to pay a deposit on arrival day, in houses BRANZEZ and JOSKA 450,- EUR, in house KARETA 600,- EUR.  Details to the deposit you will find in the voucher we will send you.  On your departure we will pay you this deposit back minus energy consumption and minus evtl. damages you have caused and where the price could be determined.

5.Booking and payments

We confirm your reservation per e-mail and you need to pay the first payment immediately - it means during two working days - on our bank account in Germany. We do not accept any cards or any cheques. Usually the first payment is 300,-  -  350,-  EUR for a week immediatelly, for periods in  a main season is also the second payment necessary,  mostly about  400,- EUR 4 months before arrival /exception  New Year´s Eve 800,- - 1.000,-EUR/ . The second payment must be done only i nthe case when the week price is more than 1.000,- EUR.  If you book in shorter time than 4 months before arrival, you need to pay about 30-50 % immediatelly.

The remaining money must be paid in EUR in cash, we do not accept any cards or cheques. Details to your payment you will find in the confirmation of your reservation, which we send you after your booking. After we receive your  first payment, we will send you via e-mail the voucher with waydesription, maps and other details.

On your arrival we will take in our custody the summ of remaining money, final cleaning and deposit. On your  departure day we will give you a bill for your whole stay in our house.

Bank details:

Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien in Zittau, Germany

IBAN: DE17 8505 0100 4000 2258 69 


Adress of the bank:

Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Niederschlesien, Frauenstraße 21, D-02763 Zittau,Germany   
 /Sometimes an address of a corresponding bank may occure the
 bank in Goerlitz, Germany. It is absolutely OK /

Adress of the beneficiar:

Josef  Jecny, Gorkeho 182, CZ-29301 Mlada Boleslav,Czech  Republic


6.Cancellation terms

 - until 18 weeks before arrival - 15% of the price

  - until 12 weeks before arrival - 30% of the price

  - until 8 weeks before arrival - 50% of the price

  - until 5 weeks before arrival - 70% of the price

in a shorter time and by NO SHOW - 100 % of the price

The cancellation terms until 12 weeks, etc. is only valid, if we could not  sell the cancelled period to another customer. If we manage to sell this period, you need to pay only 15 % of the price, so let us know in your own interest very quickly, if you need to cancel your stay. It could be useful also one day before arrival !!!!!!!!!

We try to keep our houses in proper conditions, but if we need to cancel your stay - it could happen only because of a sudden problem, mostly of technical reason, which do not allow us to rent the house - we are allowed to offer you another house of the both houses Branzez or Joska and you are obliged to accept this offer. Both houses have the same price. If we cannot offer you the second house, we will send you immediately your money you have paid back on your account.  If we need to cancel your stay in house Kareta, we will offer you house Joska or house Branzez if available and you are obliged to accept this offer. As the houses Joska or Branzez are cheaper than house Kareta, you need to pay only the right sum for the house you have received for replacement. If another house is not available, we will send the money you have paid back on your account minus 40,-EUR for administration.    

7. House description : Up to date house description you will always find on our website www.wellnesshouses.eu

8. Cost of energy :

We understand vergy good that the tenant would like to know in advance, how much he needs to pay for energies. We always try to cut the energy consumption, e.g. a new heat pump and a new well isolated roof in house BRANZEZ, new roof isolation in house JOSKA and superb isolation in a new house KARETA. The information about the supposed energy consumption in your rental period for heating, warm water and pool heating you will receive in our offer - according our experience.

Additional energy consumption is very individual by each tenant and it depends e.g. how often you use sauna or steambath  /1 hr. takes 10 kwh after switch on/, how often you cook , etc....

But you always pay only your real consumption according the meter

The up to date energie costs for 1 kwh, 1 m3 gas etc. we will let you know together with our offer for yor rental period

9. House order

Dear tenants, please take regard for the house facilities and also for the surrounging of the house you stay in. If you have made any damage, please tell us this immediately but not later then before your departure. During your rental period we need at least once to make a control of the pool water and undertake the necessary metering of ph and cl.

By a heavy violation of house order or good manners the stay of those tenants could be stopped without any compensation


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