Visit our  WELLNESS holiday houses in Czech Republic

with heated in-door swimming pool, sauna and steam bath /houses Branzez and Joska/ and with sauna and jacuzzi /house Kareta/

We would like to invite you to visit our wellness holiday houses   in a countryside called  Czech or Bohemian Paradise   - about 50-70 km northeasterly from Prague,/a short preview of this countryside by a drone see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSzoDGeRokM  /

  houses  BRANZEZ  ,  JOSKA and KARETA

Our houses are available for  rent in the course of the year and through direct contact with us we will offer you a very reasonable price with regard to the quality. Holiday houses JOSKA and KARETA are situated nearby from each other, in the village near the town Mlada Boleslav,  house BRANZEZ is situated in the village Branzez about 20 km from these both houses. All three houses are advantageously situated in Central Bohemia,about 50-70 km northeastly from Prague and  are ideal for walks in the beautiful nature, riding on bicycle, to fish, to bathe, to grill, to take a sauna, steambath,  or to simply relax, or  as a point of departure for various trips, e.g. to Prague -  about 30 minutes car drive, Jizera-Mountains about 35-45 minutes car drive, Giant mountains about 45-60 minutes, etc. More about outings see the main menu.

In winter you could nearby ski or cross-country skiing , se also the main menu

Due to very good connection via highway D10 E65 it takes not much time to get here - from Prague you need about 30-40 minutes, from Dresden you need 2 h car drive, from Berlin 3,5 h, from Munich 4,5 h, from Frankfurt/M  5,5 h, from Hamburg 6,5 h, from Duesseldorf 7 h, from Vienna 4 h car drive.

Our guests are given an extended infomap online which provides a lot of travelling tips and personal advice. For a lot of various trip destinations and points of interest you will find there GPS coordinates to find it easily !

The Czech or the Bohemian Paradise – is the oldest nature reserve in the Czech Republic, it is one of the most popular and visited areas, situated between the towns of Mnichovo Hradiště, Turnov and Jičín, about 60-80 km north from Prague. In this romantic landscape, which is exceptionally rich, there is variety of  scenic beauties combined with picturesque historical sights, with castles chateaux, folk architecture. The Czech Paradise belongs to the UNESCO-Geoparks

You will find here a number of ´rock towns´with fantastic scenery formed by a whole array of strange features: rock towers, pinnacles, columns, battlements, blocky masses and many more sandstone formations, formed from the remains of mighty sediments of a Cretaceous sea; among which there is a labyrinth of deep, narrow alleyways forming an extensive network of well marked hiking routes, also for bike riders. Apart from that, there is a good possibility for bathing and swimming. This area offers also opportunity for fishing at many ponds. Deep forests lure for long walks. If you are observant enough and lucky, you may find in numerous deposits even now semi-precious stones, such as agate, amethyst, jasper, and many more.

The central position of the Czech Paradise enables you to make trips, e.g. to the Giant Mountains, the Jizera Mountains, to Liberec or to Prague. Also in winter this place is within reach of ski lifts.

How to book the free periods in the year 2020 and 2021 ?

you should click on the favoured house in the main menu, and then, in the favoured house click on availability   . So you could see immediately, if the favoured house is available in your period, or you could look also at other possible periods there. If you do not find any vacancy, you could also take a look at other two houses. If you find a suitable period, send us an enquiry via Contact, please. You will receive an offer as soon as possible with complete informations about the rental price and all extra costs.


All three holiday houses have a nice garden, are fenced, you could grill there, parking slots are on the plot and are through the entire year available